Jun 13, 2010

go with the flow - first swap

On Saturday I swapped hexagons with my mother in law and sisters in law for our 9 hexagon flower cushion covers.  We each had completed our 9 flowers and were then able to take 2 from each other and keep 3 of our own.  The hexagons I'm keeping are in the foreground of the above photo.

The whole process was pretty quick and painless, I expect when my mum, aunty, cousin and I sit down to swap our 45 flowers that it will be a bit more hectic.  We then discussed how we are going to join them together and what colours we are going to fill in the gaps with.  I've started piecing mine together and will probably have more pictures to show tomorrow.

1 comment:

Sally said...

Wonderul. What a lovely idea and what a super brilliant thing to do with your family. Ace!

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