Sep 22, 2012

I'm still here

Hello everyone. Never fear I'm still in the land of the living. Just. This flu has been very hard, even a bit scary. Especially as I'm still trying to look after the kiddies. Husband Guy has been a champ but can't really take whole days off work, he has managed to slip in a few early finishes tho so that was helpful. I am on the mend now thankfully so am just trying to keep up the positive thoughts.  Tell you what I'll be having next year tho........ the flu vac!!
Anyway I thought I'd share a little tip I picked up on instagram the other week. When crocheting granny squares, specifically large ones or blankets, alternate the direction you crochet in to prevent your work going wonky.
I can report I've had great success using this very simple tip and thought I'd pass it on. Isn't the digital world wonderful??? :)
Here are two photos of blankets I have made, one has a bit of wonk and the second doesn't as I rotated my work.

Sep 8, 2012

please excuse my absence

I have the flu :( proper fair dinkum flu. 

I've even been too sick to do much crafting which is just terrible.  Anyway I did do a little experiment the other day and came up with this.

And I have managed a little work on my first Christmas present for the year.

And please pop on over here and check out the super cute beanies I made.
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