Sep 29, 2010

quilt for new baby James - finished

I've just completed the binding on the quilt for new baby James, just in time for our play date tomorrow.

I made the binding from the left over pieces of the fabrics in the body of the quilt.

Backed in a simple yet stylish grey.

And I decided to add another row to the Warwick quilt.  I like the darker brown, gives the quilt some definition and makes it just that bit wider.

This fabric was bought for me (yet again) by my lovely Mum.  From Ikea.


Sep 26, 2010

special mail deliveries

The mail man has been flat out visiting my place over the last week.

First delivery arrived all the way from the USA.  It was my craft swap present from Tyler.
This gorgeous painting Tyler made especially for me.

And I was extra spoilt as she included this fabric as well!

Then laster in the week the mail man turned up with the cute cushion cover I won from Four Wise Monkeys

Rachel was also extra generous and included some fabric and a pattern.

Thank you ladies for ensuring my mail box was filled with lovely pressies this week.

Sep 24, 2010

beautiful quilt by Rosina

My husband's Aunt is a great sewer, she makes a lot of her own clothes and has made many quilts for her home.  She reads my blog too - so Hi Rosina!

She sent me this photo the other day of her first all hand pieced quilt.  Knowing how much I love hexagons.
I can't believe the size of this quilt and all the different hexagons.  And all the hand quilting too (you can't see it really well in this photo but every hexagon has hand quilting in it).

I'm really inspired Rosina!   

Sep 16, 2010

quilt for new baby James

My extended family gained a new addition on Tuesday, my best friend delivered little baby James Samuel.  She has had an eventful few weeks, several of them spent confined to hospital, so it was a relief to everyone to have little James out safe and sound.  He had to spend his first 12 hours or so in the NICU but he's now ensconsed with Mum in her room.  Big sister Jeanne is very proud of her little brother and is telling everyone about him.

So once I'd received confirmation that the baby was a boy and the name, I ran straight home to make his quilt.  I'd decided against making generic quilts (my other friend is due in a month), electing instead to get a 'feel' for the babies once they are born.

I cut into my precious Monaluna stash, the colours and designs really suit this family.

Four simple stack and slash blocks with a red stripe down the middle for contrast.

Backed in simple grey with minimal quilting.
I experimented this time with my stack and slash, cutting straight vertical and horizontal lines instead of diagonals.  I'm quite pleased with the results.
Am off to decide on the binding now.



Do some days just make you want to cry?

We have this tiny peach tree in our yard.  Hubby and I have a running joke, if I can get this baby to fruit, he'll let me quit my job.  Peach trees are rare in Brisbane - being subtropical climate and all - and getting them to fruit is hard.

Our baby Peach tree had about 6 perfectly formed little fuzzy peaches on it, until I let little Guy play in the yard on his own this morning.  He participates in all our gardening and is familiar with picking fruit and veges.

"look what I found mumma!"  " I picked them" - 3 of my perfectly formed littel fuzzy peaches in his chubby little hand, and the branch he picked them off is now broken too.  There are about 2 or 3 more left on the tree which may reach maturity.  I couldn't even get mad.  I just wanted to cry - which he immediately understood meant that perhaps he should cry cause he'd done something wrong.

I'm not one to cry over spilt milk, and I haven't acutally cried over the peaches.  But I've come very close today.....


International craft swap

Tyler has received her craft swap item that I made so I can show you some more pics now.

I thought she'd like the fabric/colours I chose and she does so I'm very pleased.

Check out Tyler's blog for more pics.

Sep 13, 2010

Phil and Jack - my Aunty's new blog

If you have time, hop on over to Phil and Jack - a new blog by my Aunty Doreen.  Some of you may have encountered Aunty Dor lurking around in blogland.

She loves to sew, quilt, travel, read and go to the movies - so guess what she's blogging about!

Tell her I sent you and don't forget to ask her about Phil and Jack. :)

Sep 11, 2010

coasters and table runners

Everyone knows I'm a fan of a quick project.  Coasters and table runners and placemats are pretty much my favourite things at the moment.
no I'm not in jail, just loved the sunlight coming thru the windows!
 I made these cute coasters last night.

And this beautiful table runner today - I think this one is going to Mum (she did buy the fabric so it's only fitting she reaps the rewards every now and then!).

And the fabric fairy brought me this hot fabric yesterday!!  (Fabric fairy aka Jenn from paper and clouds).  I admired this fabric in Jenn's shop a few weeks back and voila, my own piece.  This is going to have to be hoarded I think and kept for something that I really want for myself.

And lastly, I won a competition over at Four Wise Monkeys  this super cute cushion cover.  Yay!

the Warwick quilt

Quilting and creating for men  can be hard.  My brother lives in London so it's quite hard even to purchase gifts for him.  Mum suggested I make him a quilt for Christmas, he may use it, he may not.  He may ball it up and put it in the bottom of his closet.  Who knows.  Whatever happens it is made with love and hopefully the symbolism of a hug will not be lost on him.

I found a really lovely set of fabrics that weren't too girly but weren't so manly that they became hideous.  My sources tell me he has brown in his doona cover so the colours tie in with that.

I decided that whatever design I created, it had focus on straight lines, squares and rectangles - manly shapes!  Above you can see the layout, before I stitched anything.  I was so so so so careful with my cutting and stitching and almost managed to line up all the seams.  There is a milimetre out here and there but overall I'm happy with the effort.  Unfortunately it lost a little of it's width once I stitched all those pieces together so I may add another row above and below in a solid colour.

Sep 2, 2010

hexagon cusion finished!

I've finished my hexagon cushion.  I hastily cut out the backing yesterday and you can clearly see that given it's a bit too small!  Never mind.

I chose this great bright print for the backing.  I picked this one and two others up one day when my local quilting shop had an 'empty the bolt and get 30% off' sale.  I went looking for all the bolts with only a metre or two, ones that would be suitable for backings and bindings.  

I also love the way the border hexagons are still able to be seen after I joined the front and the back together.

I finally cleaned our study up a bit the other day (unpacked 4 boxes of books) and suddenly had a heap of room on my desk.  So I found one of our preserving jars to put my buttons in - not the most massive collection I know.

And here is my stash, or most of it.  Husband Guy refers to it as my pile.

Sep 1, 2010

hexagon cushion update

I have finished attaching all the hexagons for my cushion, now just to make the backing.

I used the pieces I received from the lovely Jaclyn at Urban Crunch for the border hexagons.  I thought it added a really bright and fun element to the cushion.

Here is a picture also of the present for my besty.  I made 4 placemats from the Rouenneries fabric and backed them with a gorgeous burgundy fabric.  She loved them and they complement her home perfectly.

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