Sep 16, 2010


Do some days just make you want to cry?

We have this tiny peach tree in our yard.  Hubby and I have a running joke, if I can get this baby to fruit, he'll let me quit my job.  Peach trees are rare in Brisbane - being subtropical climate and all - and getting them to fruit is hard.

Our baby Peach tree had about 6 perfectly formed little fuzzy peaches on it, until I let little Guy play in the yard on his own this morning.  He participates in all our gardening and is familiar with picking fruit and veges.

"look what I found mumma!"  " I picked them" - 3 of my perfectly formed littel fuzzy peaches in his chubby little hand, and the branch he picked them off is now broken too.  There are about 2 or 3 more left on the tree which may reach maturity.  I couldn't even get mad.  I just wanted to cry - which he immediately understood meant that perhaps he should cry cause he'd done something wrong.

I'm not one to cry over spilt milk, and I haven't acutally cried over the peaches.  But I've come very close today.....

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