Sep 2, 2010

hexagon cusion finished!

I've finished my hexagon cushion.  I hastily cut out the backing yesterday and you can clearly see that given it's a bit too small!  Never mind.

I chose this great bright print for the backing.  I picked this one and two others up one day when my local quilting shop had an 'empty the bolt and get 30% off' sale.  I went looking for all the bolts with only a metre or two, ones that would be suitable for backings and bindings.  

I also love the way the border hexagons are still able to be seen after I joined the front and the back together.

I finally cleaned our study up a bit the other day (unpacked 4 boxes of books) and suddenly had a heap of room on my desk.  So I found one of our preserving jars to put my buttons in - not the most massive collection I know.

And here is my stash, or most of it.  Husband Guy refers to it as my pile.


Micki said...

Love the hexagon pillow...very pretty! I also love your stash pile!

rachelmp said...

Very cute! And you won my lion cushion cover. Can you email me your address! Thanks Rachel

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