Sep 24, 2010

beautiful quilt by Rosina

My husband's Aunt is a great sewer, she makes a lot of her own clothes and has made many quilts for her home.  She reads my blog too - so Hi Rosina!

She sent me this photo the other day of her first all hand pieced quilt.  Knowing how much I love hexagons.
I can't believe the size of this quilt and all the different hexagons.  And all the hand quilting too (you can't see it really well in this photo but every hexagon has hand quilting in it).

I'm really inspired Rosina!   


Doreen said...

That surely is an inspiration..beautiful quilt.

Sew Here We Are said...

Love it!!

Micki said...

It really is a gorgeous quilt! I am sure that you will cherish it!

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