Sep 16, 2010

quilt for new baby James

My extended family gained a new addition on Tuesday, my best friend delivered little baby James Samuel.  She has had an eventful few weeks, several of them spent confined to hospital, so it was a relief to everyone to have little James out safe and sound.  He had to spend his first 12 hours or so in the NICU but he's now ensconsed with Mum in her room.  Big sister Jeanne is very proud of her little brother and is telling everyone about him.

So once I'd received confirmation that the baby was a boy and the name, I ran straight home to make his quilt.  I'd decided against making generic quilts (my other friend is due in a month), electing instead to get a 'feel' for the babies once they are born.

I cut into my precious Monaluna stash, the colours and designs really suit this family.

Four simple stack and slash blocks with a red stripe down the middle for contrast.

Backed in simple grey with minimal quilting.
I experimented this time with my stack and slash, cutting straight vertical and horizontal lines instead of diagonals.  I'm quite pleased with the results.
Am off to decide on the binding now.



Lis Harwood said...

Very best wishes to baby James and his family, glad he's doing well. Lovely quilt, really great fabrics, he'll adore it.

Anonymous said...

adorable fabrics! just love the print with the scooter on it!

Micki said...

I love the fabrics in that cute!

Doreen said...

Looks just lovely..well done.

Anonymous said...

it's beautiful, love the color combos, and congrats to your good friend!

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