Dec 27, 2011

rocket ship cake

It's that time of year again where Hubby Guy and I have to put on our thinking caps and try to match the cake making exploits of the year before.  This year's theme was a rocket ship cake.

Using a rocket Christmas decoration as inspiration Guy carved out the cake and assembled all the pieces, I then follow with the icing before he added the lolly decorations.  We've noticed that little Guy's fave part of most cakes, cupcakes, gingerbread men is the lollies.  So we went less for the nice icing job and more for the lolly decorations.

And true to form the little devil took a slice, ate all the lollies and gave the cake part back to me!  But he enjoyed himself so that's the main thing.

Dec 26, 2011

images of Christmas

It's Boxing Day here in Australia now, it's hot, we're watching the cricket and generally trying to relax.  Our Boxing Day generally involves a trip to the grocery store to get provisions for the Little Guy's birthday on the 27th.  No Boxing Day sales and bargain madness for us generally.

Here are a few images of our Christmas.

Mum's gingerbread tree

My trifle - my Grandmother always made trifle at Christmas - now I do it but with my own special twist!

The usual Gingerbread people but this year with smaller cutters

the most beautiful emerald green Christmas beetle flew into our house the other night, Guy and I had never seen one quite like it.

new casual chairs for the deck

Dec 16, 2011

a Ta-Dah of a different kind!

Hello everyone!  I'm back in the land of the living after a very hectic and up heaved couple of months.  The house is nearly finished and looking fab.  We've been able to move back in after over a month bunking with my Mum & Dad.

But the big ta-dah moment is the birth of our little baby girl!

On the 12/12 at 8.54 am Amelie Matisse was born.  Now I'm breaking my own rule here and I will let you have a little peek at my gorgeous princess.  She was 3.4kgs (7 pounds 9) and 50 cm long.

Big Brother Guy is so proud - as is Daddy Guy.  So far our beautiful little bundle is being very well behaved and doing all those things that bubbys do - sleeping, eating, burping, pooping.  Apparently one's 30+ body doesn't bounce back quite as quickly from a C section as my 25+ body did - but oh well, a small price to pay.

And for a touch of something crafty - check out these gorgeous plaques that my friend Amanda made.  she has the most amazing eye for detail and colour - although she claims to be craft-impaired.

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