Dec 26, 2011

images of Christmas

It's Boxing Day here in Australia now, it's hot, we're watching the cricket and generally trying to relax.  Our Boxing Day generally involves a trip to the grocery store to get provisions for the Little Guy's birthday on the 27th.  No Boxing Day sales and bargain madness for us generally.

Here are a few images of our Christmas.

Mum's gingerbread tree

My trifle - my Grandmother always made trifle at Christmas - now I do it but with my own special twist!

The usual Gingerbread people but this year with smaller cutters

the most beautiful emerald green Christmas beetle flew into our house the other night, Guy and I had never seen one quite like it.

new casual chairs for the deck


Anonymous said...

Oh I love the casual chair, where did you buy it?
Happy birthday to the little man.....


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

LOVE your new deck furniture! I just showed hubby and said that's what I want...hint hint! Not very subtle am I LOL

Unknown said...

The chair is called a Cape Cod chair or an Adirondack chair - and we actually got these ones at Aldi! You can buy them around the place tho.

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