Feb 27, 2012

bread making

Now I am by no means a cook.  I do enjoy the odd bit of baking and I have about 3 dishes that I can proudly say that I cook well.  But that's about the limit.  I am very good with flavours and Guy and I are considered by our friends to be 'foodies'. 

After reading a blog post by someone ages ago I purchased this book.  For some reason I just got it into my head to try it out on the weekend.  We were having friends over for lunch and I'd said we'd make pizzas, which we used to do quite a bit using the Jamie Oliver bread recipe.  So we (I) decided to try out this bread recipe instead.  And I have to say it was a resounding sucess.  One lot of dough gave us 6 pizza bases (2 for lunch, 1 for dinner and 3 in the freezer) and about 20 small vegemite and cheese rolls (bet that wasn't a combination the authors ever thought of!).

We will definately be making more bread in the future.  And as there is no kneading and limited mess I'm not afraid to tackle it on my own during the day.

Feb 14, 2012

international fat quarter swap #2

Is anyone interested in participating in another international fat quarter swap?

Leave me a comment if you are and I'll try to get something going.


Feb 9, 2012

rag rug - 5

very bad late night, low light shot before I added my latest colour

My love affair with my rag rug continues.  I'm battling a little with it puckering up but I plan to 'block' it like you do knitting at the end and see if that helps.  

now with the yellow rows added

I found an old sheet in a very pale yellow the other day so it too has fallen victim to the scissors.  All in the name of recycling of course!

To give you a slight idea of scale, here is the rug next to my stove which is 900mm (90 cms or around 1 yard wide).  I'm planning at least 2 more rotations of colour and then I'll see how I feel about the size.  I think we're getting very close.

I've also fallen victim to the rag rug curse and am already planning on making more, maybe small ones as table decorations, placemats, even coasters!  The little Guy has of course put his order in and Mum keeps telling me (hinting I think!) that my Granny used to make them for bath mats.  Aunty has also been sucked in and is planning one for her 'new' sewing room.  LOL!

Feb 6, 2012

repurpose a child's pillowcase

Having just had another bub after 4 years, you start to remember all these things you'd forgotten.  For instance - that most children's cot sheet sets come with a pillow case - even though the SIDS guidelines specifically say not to use a pillow for babies.  I don't think the Little Guy actually started using a pillow until he moved into a big boy bed at aged 3.

In light of this - I'm out to think of as many ways to use these pillowcases as possible.  Of course you can keep them for a couple of years until your child is old enough to use a pillow, however lots of them are smaller than normal pillow sizes.

Here are the ideas I've come up with so far.  If you'd like to add ideas feel free to do so in the comments and please link back if you've blogged about a project or used one of our ideas.

1.  Fold over the top and put a drawstring in to make a handy bag to carry nappies and wipes in.
2.  Make a simple 'pillowcase' dress.
3.  Use the fabric in a quilt.
4.  Use the fabric in a rag rug.
5.  Add ties and make an apron - for an adult or a child depending on the size of the pillowcase.
6.  Unpick, back the two halves with terry towling and use as burp cloths.
7.  Cut up and use to make bunting to decorate baby's room.
8.  Sew bibs for baby.
9.  Use half to make a placemat and the other for a napkin when the fun of solid food starts.
10.  Add a drawstring or little handles and use as a library bag.
11.  Make matching linen or clothes for a favourite doll or teddy.
12.  Make a swirly skirt or small pair of shorts (or other kids clothes).
13.  Cut up to make a small cushion cover for their room or favourite chair.
14.  Cut up and use in any small sewing project such as a passport cover, camera cover or purse.
15.  Cut up and use as the outer layer for fabric nappies.

So there are a few ideas to get us started...... how many can we think of? 

Feb 3, 2012

miscellaneous catch up

So much happened around here in December I hardly had time to blog the huge list of things I had to say and show.  Not much crafting happened but there were a few other interesting things going on.

My Mum as always made sure that my Christmas stocking contained lots of lovely crafty things.  

 This cute canvas


A little sewing box

And Mum & Dad also contributed towards the purchase of this little beauty.  I had been coveting these Vulcan Seniors on ebay over a year ago and completely by accident stumbled upon this one in an online antiques and collectibles auction one day.  No way was she going home with anyone else.  It even came with the original box, instructions and extender plate.

I also picked up this gorgeous calendar in the new year (half price).  You can see what attracted me to it - (1) the tea pot and (2) the hand made kind of feel to the images.

I'll share the images as the year progresses.



The house also was largely completed in December and one day when the kitchen is clean (ha!) I'll show you a picture of my awesome creation!

Feb 2, 2012

rag rug - 4

 I haven't done any work on my rag rug in a couple of days but here are the latest photos.

 I've done 5 different 'rotations' here and since these photos were taken I've added a green row as well.

It has started to pucker up a bit so I'll have to try and braid a little looser.
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