Jun 25, 2009

my to do list

Well we've moved house, we're in and slowly unpacking. The fur kids adapted quite quickly and like the little Guy they are loving all the extra space.

So I'm making myself a to do list. It's a completely selfish list and does not include anything about unpacking boxes. Although some space will need to be cleared and some boxes unpacked in order to accomplish anything from the list.

Anyway here is my list:
1. patchwork sewing machine cover similar to ones seen recently on Sew Mama Sew
2. cushions for my mum made from green material purchased while on holidays in March
3. cushions for my new red couch made from Wonderland material
4. throw rug for my couch made from Wonderland material
5. bind quilt made for friend's daughter (whose birthday was in February!)
6. sandwich and quilt and bind my hexagon quilt and my red stack and slash quilt
7. other random cushions
8. and finally -start to think about this years Christmas pressies.

crazy - probably
achievable - probably
ticking the list off - priceless :)

Jun 11, 2009

what's in a bloggy name?

Well my bloggy name is a little pun, meandmy2guys. There are two guys in my life - my little boy and my husband. And their names are also Guy. It's a long Italian family tradition to name their sons Guy, our little Guy is the 6th generation.

And my blog is a mixture of things that interest me, family life, my pets, restaurants and of course craft.

Basically I wanted a fun sort of name........

You can find out about other bloggy names here. And thanks to Tam for this cute idea - I often get people ask about my blog name if they missed my first post, and I often find myself wondering about other bloggy names.
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