Jun 11, 2009

what's in a bloggy name?

Well my bloggy name is a little pun, meandmy2guys. There are two guys in my life - my little boy and my husband. And their names are also Guy. It's a long Italian family tradition to name their sons Guy, our little Guy is the 6th generation.

And my blog is a mixture of things that interest me, family life, my pets, restaurants and of course craft.

Basically I wanted a fun sort of name........

You can find out about other bloggy names here. And thanks to Tam for this cute idea - I often get people ask about my blog name if they missed my first post, and I often find myself wondering about other bloggy names.

1 comment:

christine said...

that's a hilarious story for your name, thanks for sharing! i just love how their names are guy :)
great idea to have your blog headline on the side, i've never seen that and it looks so nice!
and congrats to the new house. i can understand the ride on mower dream.

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