Oct 15, 2014

Melbourne jaunt

Hubby and I were lucky enough to escape to Melbourne for a couple of days last weekend (thanks to my parents babysitting).  It's our 10th Wedding Anniversary so we had a decent excuse. 

We walked and shopped and drank litres of coffee and ate some really, really good food. 

I did manage to sneak in two yarn shops though in amongst all the coffee.  One even served coffee in the shop!

The Unwind Craft Cafe is a very cool space located in Keilor East,  not far from Tullamarine airport (if you're heading to the city).  I convinced Guy to let me direct the cab driver on a small detour when we hopped off the plane.  Unwind have the honour of selling Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn, the only retail space to do so outside of Bendigo Woollen Mills themselves.  I love their yarn so it was such a treat to be able to touch and feel and look at real time colours before purchasing.

The ladies here are super friendly and have a great range of classes (quite similar to Side Street Vintage).  If you're in or around Melbourne I highly recommend a stop in - great coffee, yummy treats and of course all sorts of craftiness.

Our second stop was in Fitzroy - Yarn & Co.  Run by a mother and daughter team this slick yarn shop stocks heaps of your favourite yarns including Cascade and Checkheaton and some lessor known ones such as the Katia cotton cord I purchased.  They also do social stitching on a Sunday arvo.

Fitzroy is a cool area so there are heaps of coffee shops and eating places nearby - including Birdman Eating where we met up with my friend Gabby from Gridlock Coffee.  It's an easy stroll through Treasury Gardens and Fitzroy Gardens - and you can channel your inner Nina Proudman while you do it  - and look at the hospital building they used to film Offspring.

Of course a few things had to come home with me :)

goodies from Unwind Craft Cafe

goodies from Yarn & Co

Sep 19, 2014

challenging myself

I've been feeling the need to stretch my crafting legs lately.  Trying things I'm not confident at or that I've never tried before.  I do like to challenge myself in whatever I'm undertaking.  When I was 22 I got my first Banking job and it was dead boring data entry.  But every day I'd go in and try to beat my score from the day before.  It kept me sane.  

And now days in my home life and in my crafty work I like to try and challenge myself as well.

I started the year doing a few bits of crochet for charity.  I've taught heaps of classes this year as well - something which does tend to make me quite nervous.

The Outing Shawl was quite a complex pattern and it took lots of concentration to crochet it.  Once I'd finished it though I absolutely loved it and wore it heaps.

Currently I'm working on a Vest for myself.  You can find the pattern in issue 22 of Simply Crochet.  I've never really made an item of clothing for myself so it's been testing.

Yesterday I decided I needed a quick win so I tried a little amigurumi heart pattern.  I was so excited because it worked and I was so thrilled!  I'd never made any amigurumi before and I'm keen to try more now.

So tell me, do you like to challenge yourself? Push yourself out of your comfort zone?.

Sep 7, 2014

vintage children's sewing machines

Way back when I wrote this blog post about my miniature Singer machine.  At this time I did a bit of research to find out its age and other information.  It came to me from my mum but she wasn't sure how old it was exactly.

When I was doing this research I came across lots of other brands of machines and especially fell in love with the Vulcan brand.  In particular the Junior, Minor and Senior ones.

Later that year I managed to acquire a Senior through a local online Auction.  A couple of months later my parents were visiting the UK and picked up the Minor in an antiques fair for me.

Just recently I found a Junior for sale in the UK and managed to convince my brother to take possession of it and bring it back to Australia whenever he next visited.  Well that time has finally come and I was able to get all my babies out and photograph them together.

Aug 3, 2014

classes and more classes

I've been such a busy little crafter lately and have sadly neglected my blogging.

Yesterday I had the privilege of teaching 7 fun ladies to macrame.  I've been moonlighting at Francesca's Flowers in Paddington teaching various crafts on a Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday we did macrame and made a fun plant hanger.  Each participant finished their hanger complete with a little vase or plant pot.  We used T-shirt yarn to make our hangers - available from Side Street Vintage

If you live in Brissie you've got to check out Francesca's.  She has flowers (obviously) as well as a few gift items (including some of my wares) plus tea rooms serving the most divine cakes.  I highly recommend the carrot cake or the chocolate salted caramel!

Jun 3, 2014

outing shawl

I found via an instagram friend this lovely pattern called the Outing Shawl.  I wanted to try something a bit more complicated and to also make something for myself.  A few days later I happened upon this vibrant cotton on sale at Spotlight and thought the colour was a bit of fun.

I wear a lot of black, navy and grey - especially in winter so the orange was perfect.

The pattern took me a little while to get my head around, and I certainly couldn't memorise it, but I did get the hang of it in the end.

I made the shawl a bit longer than the pattern stated, and I haven't blocked it yet either.  But I have warn it a couple of times.  

It's pretty and comfortable and I'm so proud of it!

Jun 1, 2014

Kids art quilt -finished

Guy's teacher had her last day on Friday and I finished the quilt in time to gift it to her in the morning.   I also wrapped up a cute cushion with a train on it for her older boy - which he apparently adores.

I finished the quilt with a scrappy binding in greens.

Below are close ups of the kids drawings.

The teacher adored the quilt.  Yay!

May 7, 2014

my lime period

We all know Picasso had a Blue Period.  But it's so funny when I look back through my photos how they often come in colour blocks too.  The other day I noticed all of a sudden I was taking lots of photos of lime green things.  And lime green is by no means one of my usual colours.

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