Oct 14, 2013

Brisbane Open House 2013

I'd heard a bit about the Brisbane Open House initiative through a few of my Instagram friends. Significant buildings and some homes are opened to the public with tours available explaining significant features and architecture. When we were at the University of Queensland the other day we stumbled upon a couple of BOH tours. One of the Uni in general and one of the new Engineering Building. We didn't take either tour as we didn't think the kiddies would tolerate it but we did have a look around on our own. You can see my pictures of the Great Court here.

The new Engineering Building looks out over the lake and has commanding views of the University and the City from its upper floors.

It is a beautiful building both inside out out, right down to the fire hydrants. Husband Guy was a bit jealous, the other Engineering buildings that he studied in are quite old and cold.

The use of wood and glass inside coupled with the impressive staircase which appears to float is fantastic.

Once again the University of Queensland is definately a great place to visit with beautiful gardens and buildings and sculptures.


Anonymous said...

Super cool stairs. And love the jacaranda views!

Lena Gatti said...

It's fantastic it kind of reminds me of the state library !!! The landing appears to be half suspended by steel cable... Are the orange louver walls decorative or for enviro use ie shading plant growing etc ???

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