Feb 3, 2012

miscellaneous catch up

So much happened around here in December I hardly had time to blog the huge list of things I had to say and show.  Not much crafting happened but there were a few other interesting things going on.

My Mum as always made sure that my Christmas stocking contained lots of lovely crafty things.  

 This cute canvas


A little sewing box

And Mum & Dad also contributed towards the purchase of this little beauty.  I had been coveting these Vulcan Seniors on ebay over a year ago and completely by accident stumbled upon this one in an online antiques and collectibles auction one day.  No way was she going home with anyone else.  It even came with the original box, instructions and extender plate.

I also picked up this gorgeous calendar in the new year (half price).  You can see what attracted me to it - (1) the tea pot and (2) the hand made kind of feel to the images.

I'll share the images as the year progresses.



The house also was largely completed in December and one day when the kitchen is clean (ha!) I'll show you a picture of my awesome creation!

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