Feb 6, 2012

repurpose a child's pillowcase

Having just had another bub after 4 years, you start to remember all these things you'd forgotten.  For instance - that most children's cot sheet sets come with a pillow case - even though the SIDS guidelines specifically say not to use a pillow for babies.  I don't think the Little Guy actually started using a pillow until he moved into a big boy bed at aged 3.

In light of this - I'm out to think of as many ways to use these pillowcases as possible.  Of course you can keep them for a couple of years until your child is old enough to use a pillow, however lots of them are smaller than normal pillow sizes.

Here are the ideas I've come up with so far.  If you'd like to add ideas feel free to do so in the comments and please link back if you've blogged about a project or used one of our ideas.

1.  Fold over the top and put a drawstring in to make a handy bag to carry nappies and wipes in.
2.  Make a simple 'pillowcase' dress.
3.  Use the fabric in a quilt.
4.  Use the fabric in a rag rug.
5.  Add ties and make an apron - for an adult or a child depending on the size of the pillowcase.
6.  Unpick, back the two halves with terry towling and use as burp cloths.
7.  Cut up and use to make bunting to decorate baby's room.
8.  Sew bibs for baby.
9.  Use half to make a placemat and the other for a napkin when the fun of solid food starts.
10.  Add a drawstring or little handles and use as a library bag.
11.  Make matching linen or clothes for a favourite doll or teddy.
12.  Make a swirly skirt or small pair of shorts (or other kids clothes).
13.  Cut up to make a small cushion cover for their room or favourite chair.
14.  Cut up and use in any small sewing project such as a passport cover, camera cover or purse.
15.  Cut up and use as the outer layer for fabric nappies.

So there are a few ideas to get us started...... how many can we think of? 


Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

Maybe you could add a couple of layers of towelling as an insert and use then as changemats in your nappy bag. They would be great when you are are shopping centres etc.
Thanks for once again playing along with Make Grow Thrift

Caroline said...

Lots of great ideas!

Kelly Ingram said...

My cot set pillowcases just end up sitting in the linen cupboard - such a waste. There are some fantastic ideas here! Thanks so much for sharing :-)

Tania said...

The fact that you're smack bang in the middle of Small Baby Haze has my jaw on the floor. Where do you keep those reserve brain power stores?!

Baby Lux Design said...

wow that's a lot of good ideas! how about adding a drawstring top or adding velcro to one side and velcro to your changing table and turn the pillow case into a diaper sling...or hooks and grommets would be cool too.

Nadine said...

As seen on Better Homes & Gardens, I place the matching sheets in the pillow slip and fold them away in my kids chester of drawers. It makes for easy access and I dont have to search for the matching sets :)

Jacinta @ Kadesia Jane said...

There are some great ideas there. My little one is 4 now but I still have all the new pillow cases from cot sets, so will try some of these :)

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