Jun 2, 2010

quilt as you go

I'm really liking this 'quilt as you go' technique!  It is pretty labour intensive but let's face it - you are doing the yucky hard work part at the front end in a non hard work kind of way.  And it's much easier to get these little blocks under your needle than a queen size quilt!

Here is my first block, it's made from Japanese inspired fabrics and I'm going to try and do 4 and join them to make a cushion cover.  It's a little wonky but I like it.  And it's very very easy to do.  You could even make them extra wonky if you wanted to.


Freda said...

That is adorable! Where did you find this technique? I really want to try it out.

Unknown said...

HI Freda,

I found it via Red Pepper Quilts, it's originally from sewtakeahik.typepad.com (on her tutorials page)
It is really easy and quite fulfilling!

Lis Harwood said...

Seems a much better idea than having a whole quilt to womanhandle in the machine, will take a look - loving your fabrics and quilting.

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