Jun 30, 2010

quilt as you go - second cushion completed

I finished the second quilt as you go cushion and I'm so pleased with both.

When I look at them I think they look very ..... stylish.  Is that odd?  Very polished.

They are for my mum for her birthday which is tomorrow.  Happy Birthday Mum!  She is still overseas visiting my brother so this will more than likely not spoil the surprise.  And if it does then she'll get a nice surprise seeing it here.

These two cushions are to compliment two cushions I previously made for mum.


Sew Here We Are said...

And sophisticated. They are like pillows you see in the style/decorating magazines. Very well done! Happy Birthday mum. My grandson turns 1 yr old tomorrow. Glad you got the fabric and liked it. Was worried you might not.

Sally said...

100% gorgeous... and yes - VERY sophisticated.

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