Jun 17, 2010

go with the flow - sewing the flowers together

We discussed various methods for assembling our 9 flowers into the cushion covers.  In the end we opted for attaching them in straight rows with filler hexagons in the middle.  Then also having a border row so that we don't lose half a flower when we put the backing on the cushion.

Where I have joined my flowers I've used a green filler hexagon.  Then in the big gaps and for the border I'm using a sand coloured fabric with little tiny white dots on it.  (From my stash).

And just because I love this photo - here are my other 45 completed flowers!


Doreen said...

They look lovely..I've only finished 9..but already enjoy looking at them.

Sew Here We Are said...

fantastic! love them...I will one day be brave enough to tackle these!

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