Jun 10, 2010

quilt as you go - blocks 2 & 3

Hello everyone!  I've been suffering a bit lately from the "I can't be bothered's", anyone else ever get that?  Oh well I'd better snap out of it and get on with it!

It took me a while to complete my second quilt as you go block, work and child permitting.  But it is finished:

And today I managed to whip up the third block as well.  I think as you do a few and get the hang of how to do it, it gets easier.

I also posted my International Fat Quarter swaps off yesterday (and for my Mum).  Thank you so much to everyone who joined in.  The feedback has been excellent and I can't wait to see what you all receive!

Mum and Dad have left on an overseas jaunt today, mostly to visit my brother in London.  I had just one request of Mum - fabric.  So we'll see what she comes back with!  And I have to sound like a woose here - I'm going to miss them! They are going for six weeks and they claim to only be going to miss Little Guy and their dog. Oh well!


Lis said...

Hope your M&D can get to the V&A museum and their great Quilt exhibition, they have produced a wonderful range of vintage repro fabrics to celebrate the event. If they don't get there let me know, we'll have a private FQ swap :) Love your quilting and the fabrics, good close-ups, Lis xx

Bree said...

Thanks Lis! We've seen some of the V&A fabric, my cousin sent some to Aunty so Mum has been sent off with a list! And for some Liberty as well.

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