Jun 16, 2010

my clever aunty

My clever aunty made this gorgeous quilt for her friend's 50th.

I helped her choose the fabrics which are all Japanese cottons and they look gorgeous.  I just love the navy and sand coloured fabrics.

She did say however that the cream with the writing on it was a loose weave and was prone to stretching and fraying.  So was a bummer to work with but it had to be in there for the contrast.

I'm not sure of the dimensions but it wound up being quite a large lap quilt.  It would look gorgeous hanging on the wall too though.  

Edited to add:  you can find the pattern at mapleislandquilts.com and it's the BQ2


Lis Harwood said...

I love the look of this quilt - bit of a thing for Japanese fabrics! Is there any chance of a closer-up photo of a section of it please?

Unknown said...

I can tell you Lis that she bought them from Sanshi Japanese Fabrics - link on my sidebar. I've asked for a close up.

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