Oct 19, 2013

awesome biscuit recipe

If you haven't tried this biscuit recipe yet for Condensed Milk Biscuits then you really must. Super easy, super versitile and super yummy. And cheap!

I have made 2 batches now, in flavours such as cranberry, choc chip, white chocolate and macadamia. They are biscuits, they aren't a health food. But sometimes we all need a biscuit!

My family loves them and I feel very Martha being able to whip up some freshly baked biccies in about 5 mins flat (from the freezer!).

Go... try it... I dare you to only make 1 batch!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Awesome, isn't it! And so simple and uses stuff most of us have in the cupboard. I have made SO many of these in the past weeks.

Think I need to find another recipe to have a go at... :)

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