Oct 23, 2013

Exciting times ahead - aka Life is Crazy!

The latter quarter of the year is always a busy one for us.  October is our wedding anniversary, November is my birthday and December sees both Christmas and BOTH Little Guy and Amelie's birthdays.  We pack 80% of our 'stuff' into this time.  Husband Guy feels very poor!

This year as well as all of the usual celebrations, we are going on a holiday, a very big holiday.  A very big, family, overseas holiday.  I'm so excited it's not funny.  I haven't been overseas in 8 years.  I haven't been to the USA in 15 years.  Last time I went there Guy and I had been dating for 1 month.  Since I last graced the home of my American relatives I've been to Europe twice, all over Australia as well as getting married and having two wonderful children.

We are going to Seattle, Sacramento and to San Francisco.  We are meeting friends for the first time.  Friendships forged through the blogging and craft communities.  We will eat, drink and be merry at our first Thanksgiving.  We will shop til we drop at the Black Friday sales.  We are going from the 30+ degree heat of Brisbane to the 4 degree cold of Seattle.  We will ride the cable cars in SF and scale the Space Needle in Seattle.  We will hopefully discover that Seattle, the home of Starbucks, does  actually know how to make a good espresso.  We will eat our way through the Pike Place Market in Seattle 8 times over and enjoy the freshest of fish at Fisherman's Wharf in SF.

I have crocheted a suitcase full of beanies and scarves for us and our friends.  I've bought warm winter clothes on sale here at our end of season sales.  I've made and bought unique and handmade Aussie gifts for our American cousins.

I have  mental 'to-do' list as long as my arm.

But I am SO EXCITED!!!  Can you tell?

Anyone have any travelling-with-kids recommendations?  Any siteseeing recommendations?


Wendy said...

Happy and safe travels to you and your family!

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

Have a good time !

Anonymous said...

We're excited too!! Erm, and keep the expectations low on the espresso....

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