Oct 12, 2013

tourist in my own city - University of Queensland

Every year around September/October Brisbane trees come alive with colour. Purples and Reds and Yellows. My favourite trees are the Jacarandas which flower a brilliant purple. The ground around them is like purple carpet and they make a spectacular sight. One of our Universities - the University of Queensland - has an especially large amount of these trees. Quite close to where husband Guy works there is a pedestrian and bus bridge you can cross to reach the University. Every year we say we should head over to the Uni and check out the trees - and today we finally did.

Since Husband Guy attended the University it has changed quite a bit. It's easy to see when looking at the buildings and facilities why it is usually ranked quite highly in terms of world class tertiary education. I find the whole place confusing and maze-like having attended Brisbane's other two Unis.

The Jacarandas didn't disappoint, putting on a beautiful display, creating a purple carpet and even turning part of the lake purple with their reflection.

The lake is a hive of flora and fauna. Huge lizards basking in the sun, or in one case relaxing in the cool water. All manner of ducks and water birds. Even a few turtles basking in the sun. The water lillies were my favourite part - I seriously felt like I was back in Monet's garden in Giverny - complete with a bridge!

The Great Court lives up to its name - a huge courtyard completely surround by stunning sandstone buildings. It really is of European standards with the columns and arches but with distinctly Australian accents carved into our native sandstone.

If you go for a visit there is plenty of places to get something to eat or a coffee even on the weekend. We opted for the classic pizza place right by the Schonell Theatre. Awesome pizza and very cheap with views over the lake. Kids got some lemonade which in their books equals awesome.

If you're looking for a pleasant day out I'd highly recommend a visit to the University. There is plenty of grassy spaces to take a picnic or have a little run around. You can find more info about the Uni here.


Anonymous said...

I love jacaranda season! Great photos.

Wendy said...

Those purple blooms are just beautiful. Reminds me of my crepe myrtle trees in the spring.

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