Oct 27, 2013

pumpkin time!

Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in Australia as years go by. We decided to get into a bit of the spirit and as preparation for our upcoming USA trip.

Last week I took the kiddies off to choose a pumpkin.  I knew the local fruit shop had special carving pumpkins so we headed there to choose our victim.

Weighing in at a whopping 6kgs he sat on our kitchen bench until this afternoon.   Although Halloween isn't for a few days we wanted to carve it as a family so decided to do it this afternoon,  even though it may not survive in our heat until the actual date.

The design process was a group effort and elements from each of our drawings was incorporated into the final draft.  Husband Guy wielded the big knife to remove the lid and then the kids and I had the lovely job of removing the seeds and stringy bits.  Then Guy once again was in charge of cutting out our design.

We are all pretty pleased with our first attempt!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love him! Does he have a name?

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