Jun 8, 2013

two crochet blankets finished!

I love a good finish. Last week I was a determined lady and I finshed two blankets which had both been hanging around for a while - 3 and 6 months. One was a Christmas present for my in-laws who had been very patiently waiting. The other was a new born baby gift for friends.

The baby blanket was my first attempt at a ripple and I did really enjoy it but it was quite time consuming and yarn heavy. Looks gorgeous though.

The other was a giant granny square in 4 colours. I do like giant granny squares but at you get to the final massive rows it does get a bit tiresome. I finished it in a row of treble crochets and it gave it a nice edge.

I think the next blanket I try will be a cross between the two. A granny stripe or granny ripple. Less heavy on the yarn but done in short rows to keep it interesting! As a treat to myself I crocheted a mandala, something I had wanted to try but couldn't start until I had a couple of finishes under my belt.


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

The mandala is gorgeous! And I love ripple blankets, I think I mentioned once before that one of my kids has one...they are lovely!

Anonymous said...

Well done they looks fantastic

The Self-Raising Kitchen said...

YAY you finished your blankets. They look beautiful. I adore that ripple one :-)

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