Jun 2, 2013

budget meals - bottom of the fridge fritata

Bottom of the fridge fritata is probably a really unattractive name for a dish but I find that the night before I'm due to do our fruit and vege shop that this is a great meal to have. You can use up the ends of just about any vege and just use a couple of eggs and maybe some cheese to tie it all together. It's also lovely cold the next day for lunch. I usually serve this fritata just as is but you could also team it with a green salad. I kind of figure though that I'll just cram all the veges into the dish and be done with it!

I like to toast of a few pine nuts to start with in a frying pan - put them into a large mixing bowl once toasty.

Into the same pan I will then fry off bacon or ham or chorizo slices, if I'm going that fancy/have it kicking around in the fridge/husband is complaining of lack of meat.

The basis for my fritata is usually baby spinach - so I wilt this down with a tiny bit of butter in thefrying pan next. Ditto for sliced mushrooms or any other vege that benefits from cooking. Frozen peas are also good, I just give them a little microwave in some water to thaw them out first.

Add all the ingredients into your mixing bowl with a couple of good handfuls of grated cheese or crumbled feta. Then add some eggs. I generally go for 4 - 6 eggs depending on how much veges I've used and how many eggs I actually have. Give it a mix to break up the eggs and incorporate all the ingredients.

I have one of those nifty fry pans that can go into the oven so I put a layer of baking paper in the bottom and then pour the eggy/vege/cheesy mixture in and place the whole thing in the oven at about 180degrees for about 10 - 15 mins or until it is set and browning on top. You could do it in a quiche pan or even a baking dish. The baking paper just stops it sticking to my pan and saves me washing up 2 dishes.

This dish is cheap and healthy and quite economical in that you use up all your odds and ends. Easily under the $10 mark. My children are pretty good eaters but if yours are fussy you could always make sure the veges are cut up small.

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