Jun 18, 2013

a very crisp weekend

Last weekend saw our first real burst of cold weather. After a week of rainy weather it was a nice change.

Saturday was Husband Guy's birthday so we started the day with presents and some very yummy pancakes. We were lucky enough to have a night out sans children so we chose dinner at a local recently re-opened French restaurant. Yummy wine, good company.

The next day we went for a quick walk with the kids and fur kids. We are lucky to live opposite a gorgeous tract of bushland, which you can walk through to access the local mega shopping centre. The best of both worlds. On a crisp but sunny Sunday it was very picturesque.

Once home from our walk we did a little vege gardening, planting some peas, strawberries and baby spinach. We even found/harvested some very small but cute potatoes in one of the beds.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is that a meringue swan? Ha! I'm not a fan of meringue but that's cool! The French red on the other hand.... now that's another story.

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