Jun 17, 2013

budget meals - leftover chicken and vege rice

As part of my budget meals series I've been asking some of my friends for their best recipes so I can share them here with you.

Today's recipe comes from my good friend Sarah who blogs at Travelling with Ana as well as her food blog the Leaping Zucchini. Sarah is an expat New Zealander now living in Portland, Oregan. She is a mum to two littlies and worked for many years in the fruit and vege industry. Currently Sarah is studying a PhD in Collaborative Innovation in Agribusiness.

This is one of our favourite ways to use up left over chicken and veges. It's a one-pan, quick cook meal that's a hit with both the kids and my husband so I always roast more chicken than we can eat in one night to make sure I have enough leftover for this.

To make it: pan fry and onion and a clove or two of garlic until transparent then cover with a litre of chicken stock. Add about a cup to a cup and a half of rice and bring to the boil. When the rice is about half to three quarters cooked add frozen veges (Iused carrots, corn peas and beans), then fresh veges (Iused red and orange capsicum and celery) then lastly, just as the rice is almost done, add the leftover cooked chicken so it's reheated in the mix. If the chicken is well seasoned then there may be no need to add anything else, otherwise salt, pepper, oregano and thyme are favourites to flavour it up. Enjoy!

Thanks Sarah! I can't wait to try it. I would think if you really wanted to make it a quick meal you could use a cooked chicken from the supermarket. Or roast up some chicken thighs or drumsticks and use them instead.

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I hope you enjoy it!

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