Jun 15, 2013

Lena's chair makeover - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

It's chalk paint a-go-go around here at the moment.
My friend Lena at Happy Little Queenslander was working on a very cute little piano stool which she was also going to reupholster in Thea and Sami fabric.

I've done a little upholstery in the past so I offered to help Lena with that part. Fair to say we were both pretty stoked with the result. Here is the finished product (minus a little braiding to cover the staples on the cushion). Lena will be posting a full wrap up of the chair makeover on her blog soon so make sure you check it out :)


The Self-Raising Kitchen said...

I love it, Bree. So impressed :-)

Lena Gatti said...

What a brilliant blog !!! Wouldn't go anywhere else - fabric fixed and lined up to perfection 😊 we love the stool so pretty xxx


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