Jul 5, 2011

yarn love 2

A lovely package arrived on my doorstep today, it was good timing as I was coming home from the doctor and had just had a big injection in my leg.  Anyway I knew this big squishy bag contained some much anticipated yarn love.

Nine colours from the Luxury range (8 ply) from Bendigo Woollen Mills.

I'm going to make a granny square blanket.  

Can anyone guess for what or whom I will be making this blanket?


Anonymous said...

The colour are just lovely, enjoy making your granny square blanket.
Hope you have a great time in Melbourne

Doreen said...

gorgeous selection of colours..keep us posted on the progress..maybe you are making the blanket for your dear aunty!

Wendy said...

Awesome color selection! So yummy!

Frances said...

I would like to say me Ha Ha, maybe the new addition!!!! Hope the jab in the leg wasn't too painful and your feeling ok!!! Cant miss a trip to Melbourne!

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