Jul 17, 2011

Where I Sew - with Pink Chalk Studio

I showed you a little look at my sewing space the other day with the top of my stash cabinet and all my inspiration pieces.

Today I thought I'd go warts and all and join in with Pink Chalk Studio's - Where I Sew.  

Here is my sewing table, this was originally my Granny's sewing table so I feel very humble to sew on it, she was a great seamstress.  I have a lovely view out the window over the yard, sometimes I do drift off a bit watching the dogs sun themselves and wandering around.

This is my stash cabinet, chock-a-block full of fabric (wish I could say my hubby doesn't notice but we share this space so he is all too aware of the quantity of fabric heaving off these shelves).

And the warts and all part of the tour - the corner between the sewing table and the stash cabinet - let's just lable this area 'storage'.

Well there you go - my 4 square metres of sewing space - and in a house that's this small I know I'm lucky to have it.


Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

You are doing well to keep it contained in 4 square metres! I love the cupboard your stash is held in!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh it's so real!! I have been spoilt, with about 50 square metres of sewing studio space & awesome shelving for the past 3 years, but halved it so my eldest could have a new bedroom (spreading 4 children into a 5 bedroom house). It's getting there, she still has a bit of stock in her room, but it's working, love Posie

Bubby Makes Three said...

Hello! I reckon you are lucky..... I run my little business literally from my kitchen table!! Oh, how I long for my own dedicated creative space....... x Nicole @ Bubby Makes Three

Karen said...

Popping over from Pink Chalk Studio! It's so great to see another sewing room which looks 'real'. Some of the ones I've seen look like they're from a home magazine and never actually get used for crafting ;)

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