Jul 7, 2011

grannies and garden

I've been working on my granny squares since my yarn arrived the other day.  I've completed six squares so far, trying not to push myself too hard as have had a bit of a pain in the neck and don't want to make it worse.

Hopefully these photos I just took out in the beautiful sunshine show the bright colours a bit better than the ones I took inside the other day.

Rosemary flowers, apparently edible and make a nice garnish

And a few garden shots thrown in too.  We've been harvesting away, it's lovely.  Such a great activity and so great to have kids involved in too.

lots of action in the lettuce bed
all this from 2 tomato plants (there is also a capsicum and an eggplant under there somewhere)


Doreen said...

Looking very good. Will look good on my bed.

Wendy said...

Your grannies are coming along nicely....love the colors.....

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