Jul 26, 2011

vintage sheet goodness

My in-laws recently received a surprising package from family in New Zealand - a trunk full of goods from my father-in-law's late parents.  Now bear in mind that the late parents left us over 10 years ago, so it has taken the package a little while to make the journey to Australia.  Inside was an assortment of family crockery and other knick knacks, but most surprisingly of all was a whole heap of sheets.  Not sheets of any particular significance but sheets that my sister- in -law and mother -in -law immediately thought I'd be interested in.

And I certainly was!  Despite the overpowering scent of moth balls I was very happy with my haul of vintage floral bed sheets.  One set in blue and one in purple.  Never used, one actually still in the original packaging!

Mum and I washed the sheets up today and left them to hang for most of the day in the sunshine on the line.  Fortunately when we checked them this afternoon the terribly overpowering moth ball smell had been replaced by the smell of clean linens.  

So now I'm on the hunt for some yellow and some orange as I have a project in mind!

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posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Forget the amazing sheet haul you have going on, i got my present in the mail today from you, i love it, thank you so much!! Much appreciation is coming your way & yes, for sure, we'll meet up next time i'm in your 'hood. Love Posie
PS giggles about no waves in Moreton Bay, i know the islands block the waves & the bay is lovely & calm, ahhhhh!!

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