Jul 11, 2011

weekend in Melbourne

The hubby and I try to escape to Melbourne once a year.  Obviously pre-Little Guy this was much easier, although there were still the fur kids to worry about.  Now it is a little more complicated but thanks to the Grandparents everyone still has a great time - he at home with them being allowed to stay up late and spoilt rotten, and we in luxury in Melbourne.  We always treat ourselves to a really nice hotel and eat at fancy restaurants and do some shopping. 

 We've finally learnt in the last few years to slow down and enjoy our time away, rather than micro-scheduling every minute.  This year we enjoyed plenty of eating and shopping, hubby enjoyed many visits to his favourite coffee place (he is very stealthy given that he knows his way around Melbourne much better than I, we would 'mysteriously' wind up outside the coffee lab several times per day!).  I also got to indulge one of my passions and we took in the Vienna exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.  This exhibition was so inspiring, a great mix of art works by Klimt and others as well as furniture, silverwear, ceramics and lithographs.  You can really see the influence this period of design in the early 20th century still has today - especially in some of our modern quilting fabrics.

I did manage to track down one craft store - Morris and Sons - bought this stunning hank of yarn.  And a new little crochet hook.

Also bought myself another piece of Bison pottery to put my crochet hooks in - can be seen here beside its big brother purchased last year.

And here is the top of my stash cabinet that displays lots of my inspiration pieces and other little bits I love.

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