Nov 1, 2012

crochet with twine

So as promised on the back of my washi tape confession I now have to show you my newly acquired twine. I purchased my twine from a lovely little Aussie company called Whimsy Farm Twine.

I wanted the twine (because everyone else has it) to not only use in wrapping and decorating but also to try crocheting with it. I'm pleased to report that it has been a raging sucess.  Im using Attic 24's snowflake pattern and a 2.5mm hook with awesome results.  I just need to get some spray starch to stiffen up the finished product. You can find Whimsy Farm Twine here.

1 comment:

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

I love twine! Not that I actually own any yet LOL But these look great and they are so cheap! I have seen some great crochet things done with twine on pinterest!

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