Nov 13, 2012

1001 uses for twine

The other day a friend jokingly (I think) said I should write a book about ways to use twine. Well I am kinda loving using my twine collection.  And I may or may not have bought another dozen spools the other day too!  (Checkout Whimsy Farm Twine if you dare!)

So far I have wrapped a vase in twine

Wrapped a little jar (for a birthday and Christmas decoration)

Crocheted many little star/snowflakes for a garland for Christmas

Packaged a present

Crocheted a present

And I have plans to give a couple as presents.  Who knows where this twine-foolery will end?  Maybe I should start that book..... :)


Anonymous said...

I think you should

Anonymous said...

Yes! Write the book!

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