Nov 5, 2012

two crochet Christmas blankets finished

(Mum and Dad look away now!)

The other night I did the last row on the second of my Christmas gift blankets. One for my mum and one for dad. I hope they like them cause I did let them choose he colours!

I'm also knee deep in planning a double birthday party. We always make sure we do something special for the little Guy's birthday to distinguish it from Christmas.  This year with Amelie celebrating her 1st birthday I was faced with the prospect of organising 2 parties in the space of 2 weeks with Christmas in the middle.  So I cunningly sold the idea of a joint party to the little Guy. So now I'm organising an Iron Man/ Ladybug party complete with two sets of decorations and two cakes
It is a lot of fun though. I can see how some parents do go completely overboard. I'll share some of my ideas in the coming weeks for decorations and food.

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