Nov 30, 2012

number peg game

My mum used to be a classroom teacher and has an absolute wealth of resources that she now shares with my kiddies. This brilliant little game she made herself and would make a cute Christmas gift for children learning their numbers up to those learning simple mathematics.  All you need are some leaf shapes, mum just drew these and laminated them, and some pegs with bug buttons stuck to them (available at craft shops). The child just pegs the appropriate number of bugs to the leaf with the corresponding number.  You could always vary it to say lily pads and frogs or planets and aliens or rockets and astronauts. Whatever your child is in to. Using pegs is excellent for strengthening their fingers which is essential for holding a pencil. You can also write simple sums on the leaf and have them peg on the answers.

There you have it, a simple and educational toy you can make yourself.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! And there are so many variations of this idea that you could make depending on the kid's interests. Love it.

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