Jul 1, 2012

girls day out - part 1

Little Guy has gone to my in laws for a couple of days for his school holiday sleepover so Mum, Amelie and I had the day to ourselves to muck up.
We headed in to Paddington which is a trendy inner city suburb of Brisbane.  Mum had visited a big antiques centre there a couple of months back and wanted me to see it. Incidentally on her last visit Mum bought me some vintage red knitting needles and some vintage sheets. This time we didn't actually buy anything but had a great time looking around.  As someone who watches a large amount of Bargain Hunt it amuses me no end the vast difference in prices of antiques here versus those in the UK. Some things I saw today were up to 10 times the price. Anyway I digress.
As we were sitting in one of the cafes waiting for our lunch the funniest thing happened. In walks Mum's best friend, her daughter and 5 month old granddaughter! These girls live even further away from Paddington than we do so to bump into them there was very weird. Needless to say we all enjoyed a coffee, a chat and lots of bubby snugggles.
Mum, Amelie and I then finished our afternoon off browsing a few of the other shops.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sounds like a lovely day out, i used to visit that place often and haven't been for ages.
funny about the prices, i think it is for a lot of stuff here in OZ it has gotten very expensive

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