Jul 12, 2012

fun with teeth

Amelie is teething. Enough said right. Getting me up almost hourly at the moment at night. Mostly just for a bit of a cuddle or a little feed. So I'm a bit doughy in the daytime and going to bed early to try and get at least a couple of hours in a row.

Any tips or hints you'd care to share re sleeping and teething?

On happier note I'm having a lovely time decorating my home. With our renovations being so quickly followed by Amelie's birth I never felt like I'd quite finished dressing the house.  I've bought a few pictures for the walls and a new rug and I'm going to buy some Tolix stools for the deck.  Mum and Dad are also having some work done at their place so I'm having fun helping Mum choose stuff too.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wish I did know the answer to teething - but sorry, I don't. I thought you might like to know Rafa's first tooth just came out today so we're right there with you and Amelie!

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