Jul 8, 2012

little Guy's crochet blanket

The little Guy was a bit put out by all the blankets being made for babies around here and not for him so I promised him his own blanket. It had to feature green as this is the current colour of choice.  We had been perusing my usual yarn haunt but I came across this cotton  acrylic mix on sale the other day and loved the colours so decided to give it a try.

I find working with cotton or bamboo yarns a bit different to pure wool. They seem to have less 'give' and I found it handles a bit differently. Although I'm liking the feel of the blanket. Its not scratchy at all and is quite a good weight.  I've used one 50 gram ball of each colour with one to go. It currently measures about 60 cm across so should wind up bring a nice size for the little Guy.

1 comment:

The Self-Raising Kitchen said...

This is beautiful, Bree. I'm very jealous of your amazing talent. :-)

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