Jun 28, 2012

what a difference a day makes

Isnt it funny, perspective that is.  Last night both my poppets slept right through the night.  No 3 am feed, no 4am toilet call, no 5am I want to get up.  Amelie asked for a feed at 10pm just before I went to bed and then went right through til 6.15am.  The little Guy slept til 6.30am which is practically unheard of for him.  Although he is a litttle under the weather I think with a slight cold.  He is going out to my in-laws for his school holiday break so hopefully he's ok, there's no way he's taking no for an answer :)  I had nearly 8 straight hours of sleep last night and I feel like I won the frickin' lottery! Happy days.

Here they are playing fire trucks in Amelie's couch this morning.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Could you please send them both over here to give my kids a few pointers?

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