Jun 21, 2012

Granny mafia

I've had great fortune thanks to the Granny mafia lately.  And she's not even my Granny, she's my mum's friend's mother (got that?).  Mum's friend Elizabeth knows that I like collecting crochet doilies and other vintage linens, she happened to mention this to her mother who lives in a retirement village.  A couple of weeks ago one of the other ladies in the village was leaving to move into a higher care facility.  So Elizabeth's mum kindly offered to take her old linen off her hands and forward it on to a good home (me!).  So this enormous bag of doilies and napery turned up at my place the other day with the overwhelming smell of moth balls! (What is that stink Mumma? - from the little Guy).

Anyway now apparently Elizabeth's mother is going around the retirement village hitting up the other oldies for their linens and the lady who moved to the high care facility is doing the same over there!  Gotta love the Granny mafia!

Check out these pretties:

matching coasters, napkins and tea cloth

matching napkins and tea cloth

Plus these from a friend in exchange for some fabric (thanks Christine!)

made by Christine's mother in Germany!

And this one which was made by an aunt or great aunt of my Mum.

I think this is like blackwork - on linen


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