Jun 23, 2012

my little darlings do Melbourne

riding the free city circle tram - he even got to ding the bell!

We took our littles to Melbourne for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  Normally husband Guy and I sneak off on our own but with Amelie still being breastfed it wasn't an option this year.  

running off some energy

Little Guy has been on a plane before, the last time to Perth, so this little 2 hour flight was a breeze for him.  Amelie was good too, as long as she had people to smile at and boob on tap she was happy.  The only hitch with the planes was a bit of a delay coming home and the worst part was that the window seat we had picked for little Guy was the only row on the whole plane without a window!  Very random and everyone around us clucked sympathetically when he had a big cry due to lack of window.

train station at night

The trip was fun and we saw lots of Melbourne we hadn't seen before.  Like most four year olds little Guy's attention span and tolerance is quite limited so we had to shake it up a bit and we spent quite a bit of time exploring parks.

playing in the leaves in Carlton Gardens (Royal Exhibition building in background)

We did manage to imbibe a bit of coffee and hot chocolate here and there though fortunately.

threatening to feed them to the big cats!

Some shopping was done (he quite likes shopping) and we also visited the Werribee Open Range zoo which was a big hit.

of course I went to Morris & Sons


Anonymous said...

I love Melbourne, looks like you had a great time

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh lovely, we took our 4 to Melbourne when i guess the youngest was 3, thoroughly enjoyed it. We lived in Darwin so they were seasoned travellers visiting Asia & Sydney (family) & always fantastic on the planes. Must admit, glad i breastfed as they would suck at take off & landing without a care in the world, no popping ears for those babies. This of course was before those silly baby seat belts!! They came in about 8 years ago when i had my last baby - due to fly for the first time at 4 days old & the all male flight crew were like "honey, whatever stops him crying" thank goodness, common sense!!
Wishing you lovely travels as a family & the odd couple trip too in the future. Love Posie

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