Jan 6, 2011

work in progress

I've had this WIP hanging around for ages.  Now that the piecing is finished I'm a bit more 'in' to it but I was starting to hate this project.  Does that ever happen to you?  Anyway I started this ages ago as a gift for someone (her birthday has now been and gone and still no finished project!) and have finally completed the top and now just have to finish it off.

I won't disclose exactly what it is or who it's for but here are a few pics anyway.

I spent ages yesterday arranging the pieces trying to get no 2 like backing pieces together and the coloured hexagons to be evenly spaced.  Couldn't do it!  Should have probably laid it out before I stitched the hexagons to the backing squares, my best friend even had a go and wound up more frustrated than I did.  Anyway the layout isn't great but it still looks effective. 


Micki said...

Very pretty...I love the hexagons and colours you used.

The Self-Raising Kitchen said...

What beautiful work you are doing. This is the perfect job to escape the horrific weather we are having.

Anonymous said...

nah...the free grab from your stash method is my fav....I like it when colors are everywhere!

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