Jan 11, 2011

Queensland Flood Appeal

Hello Everyone,
As you are probably all aware from various news sources Queensland is currently enduring record rainfall and now damaging floods.  Yesterday in the town of Toowoomba west of Brisbane a huge wall of water swept through the main street of the town at 1pm, killing 9 people that they know of so far.  Cars, trucks, massive water tanks, everything was swept up in the path of this 'inland tsunami'.  In the coming days the Brisbane and Bremer rivers are expected to reach record highs and innundate much of Brisbane and Ipswich.

The generous craft community have banded together and are in the process of organising a massive auction of crafty goods, to take place next week, with funds raised to go to the Flood Appeal to help the victims.

How can you help?  Please spread the word about the auctions and please bid on the items next week if you can.  Click on the button below to find out more. Alternatively many of the major banks are accepting donations.



Anonymous said...

Can I send you something to donate?

Unknown said...

if you are an international guest and would like to make a donation - please go directly to :

they have it all set up and it does cater for international donations.

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