Jan 28, 2011

mini quilt gift for teacher

It's a slightly sad day today as little Guy is spending his last day with this daycare mother before heading off to Junior Kindy on Monday.

I wanted to make a little something for Karin to hang on the wall in her play room.

This mini quilt is the result and I even machine crazy quilted it, my first real attempt since taking the machine quilting course last year.


Brooke said...

What a super special gift! Quilting is a hobby I envy.

Anonymous said...

Very cute gift and your quilting looks great, keep it up and you be quilting all your quilts


Unknown said...

thanks Brooke and Christine.
I've been quilting them all Christine but rather with straight line walking foot quilting. I just have to remember one simple rule - LOWER THE FEED DOGS!

Kristen said...

Very cute, you've given me a great idea here. Great gift!

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