Jan 18, 2011

english paper piecing hexagon quilt - basting and quilting

As we were sitting at home the other day waiting for the flood waters to arrive (not to our house but to the city) I decided it was the perfect opportunity to baste my hexagon quilt.  I had been tossing up having it professionally quilted but I was feeling confident enough and had decided upon a design.

The Guys were most amused as I crawled around on the kitchen floor, taping fabric to the floor.  I've realised that my kitchen floor which currently still has vinyl on it (rather than polished wood as with the rest of the house) is the perfect place to baste quilts.  I can masking tape it to the floor and jab the pins in without worrying about damaging the floor boards.

Although I felt I'd basted really well, there was still some 'drag' during the quilting.  I only had one small pucker appear which I was able to remove easily with just a little unpicking.
Hopefully I should have the bulk of the quilting finished today.  I can't sit for long periods at the machine to quilt as my shoulders tense terribly and it's so hot here especially with a big quilt sitting in your lap!

Finally, this is a little quilt I made up yesterday for my nephew Ezra.  His Mum & Dad lost most of their belongings in the flood so I thought a cute quilt might cheer them up a bit.  They are doing ok, the house was a rental, and they have been overwhelmed with donations of furniture etc.

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Frances said...

Hey Bree, love the heagons, I think I may need to take some lessons to understand what you are talking about sticking your quilt to the floor????? the kids quilt is cute too, you are a litlle wizzer aren't you. I have been looking through all those items on facebook for auction how cool are they, so many generous and talented people!!! Hope you are doing ok.

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