May 31, 2010

my to do list

When I finished my Wonderland quilt the other day I remembered I'd made a post last year with my 'to do' list in it.  I was attempting to finish off a few things I'd started and actually make a few things for which I'd purchased fabric.

Well the list was:

1. patchwork sewing machine cover similar to ones seen recently on Sew Mama Sew
2. cushions for my mum made from green material purchased while on holidays in March
3. cushions for my new red couch made from Wonderland material
4. throw rug for my couch made from Wonderland material
5. bind quilt made for friend's daughter (whose birthday was in February!)
6. sandwich and quilt and bind my hexagon quilt and my red stack and slash quilt
7. other random cushions
8. and finally -start to think about this years Christmas pressies.

And I can actually say that I have made the sewing machine cover, made cushions for Mum from the green material, made my Wonderland cushions and throw rug, bound the quilt for my friend's daughter, sandwiched and bound and finished my stack and slash quilt and made the Christmas pressies.
So that just leaves my hexagon quilt and other random cushions.  I have been investigating having my hexagon quilt professionally quilted, because it's quite big and I really want it to look good.  And the random cushions...... maybe later!  :)

And for my new list:

1.  write up a couple of my own patterns
2.  have the hexagon quilt professionally quilted
3.  start a 'quilt as you go' project - maybe some cushions to start with?
4.  make a runner for across the bottom of my bed.

I think that will do for today!

1 comment:

Lis Harwood said...

I think this is a very therapeutic thing to do, especially when you can actually cross things off your to do list! I also accept that some WIPs will permanently be UFOs and that's ok!

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